A dungeon is one of many enormous constructs that were erected many centuries ago, during Lysterg Amori's reign. As a lover of treasure and all things mystical, Lysterg created these towers to house his belongings and many creations. Magical in design, the dungeons were founded through the use of Lysterg's Divine Magic, making them especially dangerous and impossible for the average Magi to conquer.

As of 745AC, roughly twenty dungeons have been discovered, as more are uncovered with each passing year. Only four of these have been conquered, despite countless attempts; most of which result in death.


Dungeon GuardiansEdit

A Dungeon Guard has absolute control over the Dungeon. They are essentially immortal, unable to be defeated and capable of altering reality within that pocket space. A Guardian's task is to prevent those unworthy of leaving the Dungeon with magical items.

Known DungeonsEdit

Known ItemsEdit