Magi, known also as Mages, are extraordinary individuals that are capable of harnessing Magical Power to the fullest extent. Through the use of Magical Power, a Magi is able to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible, called Magic.


Valmasia's human population is only 2% Magic-capable, with the other 98% either unable to use Magic, or choose not to. Despite the low number of Magi, it is proven that all humans possess the potential to wield Magic. Very few, however, are born with the innate ability to freely wield it -- for the majority, it can take many years of difficult training before the basics have been mastered. And as such, most humans opt for a more stable, comfortable life, away from the danger that Magic flaunts.

It appears that blood ties heavily impact one's potential for Magic. Children with parents that are Magi are very likely to be gifted in Magic. Going further, if the family is comprised of generations of Magi, the power of blood increases. The royal family, Melym, is an example of this, with over two centuries of Magi.


In the Book of Kraus, it is taught that Magical Power is an extension of one's soul. That through the use of Magic, a person can advance spiritually as well as in power; to, as suggested, find a path towards peace. In one verse for example, Kraus is quoted: "Children of mine, speak not with your tongue, nor the body's movements... Instead, learn of the world using your Soul. Instead, may the world learn of you through your Soul. And with each passing day, find meaning in that which you learn."

As such, it is generally believed that Magic was designed by Kraus as a learning tool... A bridge towards one's inner self. To this extent, many scholars are thoroughly convinced that it is the wish of Kraus that all humans explore the realm of Magic.



The Paladin, commonly known as the Champion of Valmasia, is celebrated as the strongest warrior through the Grand Tournament. They are duty-bound to act on the Crown's behalf, but enjoy the same perks as a Council Five member would.

Council FiveEdit

At the top of the Council are those that create the laws and govern the country. Traditionally, they are five extremely powerful Magi, capable of defending the country if need be -- but in addition, possessing the wisdom needed to handle legislation affairs. As a Council Five, a Magi has access to many forbidden texts, detailing powerful Magic and rituals that would otherwise be out of bounds. 

Government OfficialEdit

A goverment official is a Magi that serves the Council and Crown. The most common are the Duratus.


A rogue Magi has no affliation and is simply known as a 'wanderer', lacking ties yet possessing power all the same. Many view them without purpose and as a waste, especially those loyal to the Council.